Subjects to be considered may include but are not limited to:


  • FLIGHT TESTING TECHNIQUES: State of the art, international harmonisation, future collaboration.

  • INNOVATIVE DATA ANALYSIS SOLUTIONS: Associated to new sensing solutions such as video, data analytics, breakthroughs like Big Data, Artificial Intelligence.

  • NEW FLIGHT TEST DOMAINS: Setting up an international framework to guide future flight testing, in areas such as autonomous aircraft, electrically powered aircraft or as yet unimagined space vehicles.

  • FLIGHT TEST INSTRUMENTATION: Evolution of technology allowing to better understand aircraft behaviours.

  • SHARING OUR COMMON WORLDWIDE RESOURCES: Flight testing is now a global business with large manufacturers travelling around the world to find particular climatic or geographical conditions, and specific testing facilities and test means.

  • CARING FOR OUR PLANET: Being responsible flight testers.

  • PEOPLE POWER: After 100 years of powered flight and 50 years of SFTE symposia, how can worldwide cooperation allow us to keep evolving our skillset at the same great rate?


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