Scientific program

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Opening Ceremony – Tuesday 11th 9am

  • Welcome from SEE/AAAF and SFTE
  • Keynote speakers:
  • Introduction to ETTC and SFTE events: Patrick du Ché, Head of Airbus Commercial Aircraft Flight and Integration Test Centre
  • Flying future technology today, Airbus flight demonstrators - Sandra Bour-Schaeffer - Head of Airbus flight demonstrators
  • New trends in nano satellite - Michel FAUP - CNES – France
  • Renault Autonomous Driving vehicle, its technologies and tests – Eric Landel, Expert numerical modeling & simulation

2019 SFTE Symposium Short Courses



Hotel Mercure Compans, Monday June 10

Courses 1 and 2, in parallel, from 9am to 12am

Courses 3 and 4, in parallel, from 1:30pm to 4pm


Course 1 : Control Room Training: From Zero to First Flight

The course will be delivered by M. Brian Maisler, working for Scaled Composite as a Test Pilot

The course primarily targets towards standing up a control room for a prototype first flight and envelope expansion program:

  • Control room layout and configuration
  • Determining how many and what types of engineering disciplines are required
  • Scoping the training plan based on the experience level of the team
  • Scope and use of simulation as a training aid
  • Setting up scenarios for effective training
  • Typical issues encountered during training


Course 2 : Airbus Fly-By-Wire : An introduction to Airbus Electrical Flight Control System 

The course will be delivered by M. Stephane Vaux, working for Airbus as a Flight Test Engineer

The course will introduce the different facets of Airbus Electrical Flight Control System deployed on the Airbus family of aircraft:

  • General principles
  • System architecture
    1. Computers
    2. Actuators
    3. Hydraulic and Electrical powering
  • Flight control laws and flight envelope protection



Course 3 : Military Standards for Flying Qualities of Piloted Aircraft


The course will be delivered by Dr. Panos Vitsas, working for ITPS Canada (International Test Pilot School) as an Instructor FTE.

The purpose of the course is to introduce the current flying qualities standards used for military piloted aircraft.

The course will start with standard flying qualities definitions and will review the historic progression of flying qualities specifications. The course will go briefly through past specifications like the MIL-F-8785, but will mostly focus on the latest publicly available version of MIL-STD-1797 which is applicable to augmented flight control system (fly-by-wire) aircraft. The MIL-STD-1797 document will be broken down and the primary flying qualities criteria will be described. Some real world examples will also be provided.


Course 4 : Introduction to Artificial Intelligence techniques (Machine Learning and Deep Learning)

The course will be delivered by M. Lucas Garcia, working for Mathworks

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become increasingly present in our lives: medical diagnosis, voice recognition, weather forecasting, driving assistance systems, etc. The underlying mathematical models in AI (Machine Learning and Deep Learning) can achieve high levels of accuracy for decision making both in Engineering and Business.

In this course, we will address the problem of data preparation and manipulation, often the most time-consuming task for engineers and scientists. Moreover, we will thoroughly examine different Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques in MATLAB that will allow to obtain meaningful information from tons of logged data, frequently too large to fit into memory.


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